What is business administration?

 What is business administration?

What is business administration?

The business administration specialization is one of the disciplines that express the mechanism of operations, tasks and activities that regulate business of various types, such as the work of government institutions and establishments in the administrative and organizational departments, and all organizations that need organization, control, planning, supervision, leadership and follow-up.  It concerns many fields, such as the areas of management, marketing, finance, human resources and accounting.

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 What are the advantages of studying business administration?

Business Administration is one in every of the majors that draws several students. Since it's a specialization associated with company management and its continuity, and also the material returns from specialization square measure sensible. Recently, the typical annual financial gain of a specialist in business administration has witnessed a noteworthy increase, which suggests the importance of specialization and also the increase in demand for it.

 Business Administration fields after graduation

 The business administration major is one of the sectors rich in job opportunities. Among the most important jobs that a business administration graduate can work in are:

  •  Production management and planning.

  •  Data management and analysis.

  •  Public Administration.

  •  Sales Administration.

  •  Projects management.

  •  Human Resource Management.

  •  Investing in securities.

  •  Budget preparation and management.

  •  Financial planning and management.

  •  Marketing.

  •  Digital Marketing.

  •  Strategies development.

  •  Accounting.

  •  Administrative manager.

  •  Production Manager.

  •  Bank manager.

  •  marketing manager.

  •  Director of Public Relations.

  •  Financial Manager.

  •  Sales Manager.

  •  Project Manager.

  •  Purchasing Manager.

  •  Management consultant.

 The most important subjects and courses covered by the business administration major

 There are subjects that a student studying business administration must study in the years of specialization, including:

  •  Administrative Communications

  •  Strategic management

  •  International Business Adminstration

  •  production management

  •  Search management

  •  Marketing Management

  •  Change and development management

  •  Total Quality Management

  •  Operations and Production Management

  •  financial management

  •  Project management

  •  Small project management

  •  knowledge management

  •  Human Resource Management

  •  Entrepreneurial Business

  •  Operations Research

  •  computer analysis techniques

  •  Organizing and planning

  •  guidance and control

  •  Feasibility studies

  •  Administrative control

  •  organizational behavior

  •  Communication methods and requirements

  •  Public relations

  •  Principles of administration

  •  English terms used in business communication.

  •  Methodology for collecting data and information

  •  Methodology for developing hypotheses and theories

  •  organization theory

  •  organizational structures

  •  management jobs

 What are the departments of business administration?

 The Business Administration major is one of the important disciplines, and it includes several complementary sections to each other, namely:

  •  Public Relations: It is the activities conducted by the institution to familiarize people with the nature of its work using various means, in order to develop the company's performance.

  •  Marketing: It includes the activities carried out by the company in order to identify the target group of customers.

  •  Advertising or marketing: It includes the promotion of services and products offered by the company, as well as advertising methods.

  •  Finance: It is concerned with the financial matters of the company.

  •  Logistics Operations: It is responsible for the flow of goods, products and resources.

  •  Human Resources: It is concerned with the human factor in managing everything related to financial matters, such as profits and losses and capital.

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