Google AdWords What is it, how does it work, what types of ads it has and tips for targeting

 Google AdWords What is it, how does it work, what types of ads it has and tips for targeting 

 Google Adwords or Google Ads is currently an important tool for companies, large and small, so what are they and why do you choose them, and what kind of Google ads?

 Google Adwords formerly or Google Ads now is one of the most developing tools in the past twenty years that have contributed and helped increase the reach of businesses to their potential customers, what is it, and what is its advantage for your business, and how do you calculate its cost?  This is what you will know by the end of reading this article.

 What is Google AdWords?

 Google AdWords Ads, is a service that appeared in 1998 as an alternative to traditional marketing and to provide a space through which it appears and leads the owners of digital projects and projects on the ground, especially those who want to show their products or services, and therefore this tool aims to help the owners of companies and projects in attracting more customers and reaching the public  The right time at the right time to ensure you increase online sales, stand out, or get people to know you.

 Thus, Google ads will help you promote your business, sell products or services, or introduce yourself, and increase people’s traffic to your site and visit it, and Google ads accounts are managed online, so from your place you can start advertising from your place and modify ads or change its budget whenever you want without  minimum or maximum.

 Why should you choose Google Adwords?

 Ease of control

 When you create a Google AdWords account, you will literally have complete control over everything related to the advertisement and its various elements, such as keywords, targeting, and different budgets that you want. For example, if you sell men's watches in your online store, you can use the common words that your customers may use from brands, questions or regular search  Where you can control these words accurately and ban the words that you do not want the ad to appear when you search in them, such as women’s watches, for example, or children’s watches, and therefore the advantage of this control is what determines the success of your advertising campaign

 Currently, Google AdWords has an ad scheduling feature that gives you the ability to specify when to display it, which is excellent for some companies that target customers at specific times of the day or night such as restaurants and hotels, or companies that target people in certain seasons of the year as well.

 Not only do you control the keywords, pages or when the ad appears, you can also control how much you spend either daily, monthly or even pay per click.


 Pay Per Click

 One of the main advantages of the Google Adwords tool is the pay-per-click being profitable and targeting those who really want the service or product, and at the same time you will only pay for each click on the advertisement, and according to the budget you want, it means that you can set your budget with ten dollars or a thousand, the options are not  They have limits in that. Decide exactly how much they want to spend.

 Over time, and once people get to know your services and products, and according to a specific strategy with your team’s advertising executive, you can lower the cost of pay-per-click advertising, which means more visitors to your site or store, and a lower final cost you pay for sites.

 Ensure access to your audience

 Do you want to reach a niche audience in a rural or local setting?  Or do you want to reach the entire Arab region?  Or is it targeting the whole world?  The good thing about Google AdWords is that you can launch your campaigns anywhere you want and precisely define your audience, and you can choose the ad to appear based on the language spoken by your audience that you want them to see the ad.

 Results are immediate

 Of course, you can start improving search engines to increase people’s entry to your site, and that may be somewhat less expensive, but it takes a long time and requires you to be patient with a strategy that needs at least two months, and compared to the immediate results that you will get from the Google Adwords tool once you launch your advertising campaigns on it  People will see you from the first moment and your sales will start moving based on the strength and quality of your advertising message and good targeting. If you do these two things, you will see results in days.

 This, of course, never eliminates the idea of ​​working on search engine optimization, on the contrary, advertising on Google Adwords complements search engine optimization, but we tell you if you are looking for an immediate result and immediate activity for your customers, you should consider advertising through Google Adwords.

 Your customer is ready

 The advantage of advertising through Google AdWords Saudi Arabia or Google AdWords Egypt or in any other country is that your customer holds his credit card in his hand and waits for you to appear in front of him and provide him with what he expects, and thus Google AdWords tool helps you in creating advertising campaigns for a customer who is ready to buy. Going back to the example of men’s watches  That we mentioned to you in the first feature, you will need to prepare the keyword that the customer is looking for, for example, “men’s watches” and therefore by including this keyword, your ad will appear to your customer who is looking for these watches, and their intention to buy them.


 You can analyze everything

 Unlike other traditional means of advertising, such as street ads or broadcast ads on television, and newspapers, which are difficult under any circumstance to measure their results and do not give the customer an immediate opportunity to respond to the advertisement. In Google Adwords, you have a large amount of data to measure the result and performance of the advertisement. For example, you can measure ads  Pay-per-click tracks the cost of clicks, the click-through rate and the rate at which people visit the ad so you can improve or modify your advertising messages based on your audience's response to it.

 Types of Google Adwords ads

 search network campaign

 This type in Google Adwords “search ads” is suitable for those who want to reach interested customers or will search for a specific product or service, and therefore when anyone searches for the name of the product or keywords that the advertiser has entered, it is supposed to appear first in front of him  On the Google search page near the user's search results above or below.

 Display Network Campaign

 Google AdWords ads “Display Network” is an excellent option for those who want to place ads within news pages or websites specifically or others in general, and this type of users helps.

 To get more conversions from this type of ads, you only have to target the pages that are related to your product or service, and that are related to what you are advertising, because you will offer solutions to your audience who is looking for solutions but does not know them yet.

 Google Shopping Ads . Shopping Campaign

 This type is very important for those who sell products on Google, because it allows you to display an advertisement for your product as soon as a person searches for the name of the product. Rather, this advertisement is considered as a price display with your competitors because the products are displayed stacked next to each other to visitors who are looking for them, so if your price is more  This will appear to people and contribute to the demand from you. In addition to providing an image of your product with all its specifications, you also present to people the name of your store and your brand, so that they know you exist.


 Video campaign

 People spend long hours watching videos, regardless of their age, as the video is like a juice of visually attractive content that satisfies people's tastes. Therefore, video advertising in Google Adwords may be a powerful way to influence and quickly affect people, leading to the simplicity of people consuming the content and receiving the idea if they like it.

 Google AdWords allows you to advertise via video on YouTube or other Google partner sites, in which you will pay for people to see your ad, and you can choose the most appropriate package for your budget and the campaign you want.

 App campaign

 This type of Google Adwords ads differs in that you give Google the authority to use text and images in your application, to use them in video or image advertising while people are using applications, watching videos or even searching, so that the advertisement appears in different images and Google Adwords itself tests and displays the advertisement to achieve the best performance  With bids automatically renewing based on ad performance.

 Google advertising cost

 The method of calculating the cost of Google ads varies according to your need, business, goal and type of campaign, with automatic bidding, you will be able to control setting a maximum price per click, which is simply the highest budget you want to pay for clicks on your ad, for example, if a person will pay a quarter of a dollar per click  , or its equivalent in the currency of your country, you can set this quarter of a dollar as the maximum cost you want for each click, so you will not pay anything unless the person clicks on the ad and enters it.  And you can get good results at a reasonable cost when using this type of ads because you will only pay after your visitor looking for you is interested in learning more about the item by clicking on the ad.

 How to determine your CPC bid amount

 You can determine the value of a click yourself through your business and the sales process, so that you do not pay more for ads than you sell, for example, if you sell sunglasses and a customer comes to buy with every 10 ad views, then you can calculate the number of impressions in proportion to the expected number of  Buyers compared to those who saw the ad and didn't buy.

 And as we have already explained, you can set the price of the click to suit you, and then know the return of clicks in your sales or visits, and remember that the number of visits on the Internet changes and this may require re-setting the prices to appear as usual first in the ads because who pays more for a click will appear first and from  Pay less will appear next and so on.


 Tools to help you calculate the cost of advertising

 Bid Simulator

 The Bid Simulator answers the What If?  I mean, what if you increase your ad bid by $1. How many impressions will you get for the last week?

 Keyword Planner

 Keyword Planner will show you the search times for the words your audience is searching for that are relevant to your business to save costs and ensure that your ad is visible to the people you want.

 First page bid estimates

 The first page bid estimate tool will help you see the bids needed to show your ad on the first page of Google results.

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