What is Workspace from Google and is it better than Microsoft 365?

 What is Workspace from Google and is it better than Microsoft 365?


Google workspace

In the past, Google offered a distinct service called G Suite, but with the development, Google changed the name of this service to Workspace to express its performance identity and become among Google's professional services, which compete with both the famous Slack service and Microsoft 365  Moreover .

 What is G Suite?

 In order to be able to explain the Work Space service from Google, let's go back a little to the past to learn about the original service that Google provided through G Suite.


The service first came into operation in 2006 as a way for businesses to run their businesses with monthly subscriptions, as companies were able to opt out of network storage capacity, email servers, and other tools.

 G Suite has provided a suite of collaborative and productivity tools for businesses such as cloud services, Gmail email, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Chat, Google Sheets, Presentations, and Google Docs.

 Although all of these tools are available free of charge on the web for any of the customers, there are some features available in them that are not offered to the free user.

 All customers who joined the G Suite service were getting customizable email in addition to paid cloud storage services and 24/7 customer support in addition to many other services.

 What is the Google Workspace service?

 Well, now that we know about the previous service, G Suite, let's talk about the new Workspace, but before that also you have to realize that the beginning of the service's appearance in 2006 was not in the name of G Suite, but it was the name of Google Apps and then after 10 years it was converted to  G Suite name.

 As for the Google Workspace service, it is a service identical to the G Suite service, with a number of changes that Google added to it throughout the year 2020.

 The most prominent of these changes is that the tools that are separate from each other are now integrated with each other in a deeper and easier way for users. You do not need to move between Gmail email, Google Docs and Google Dead, but all of these services are available in one central way.

 Is Google Workspace free?

 Continuing the idea of ​​the previous service, it is also not free, but rather it is paid, although it contains all the tools available in free versions for consumers, but there are a number of different pricing levels that suit the needs of the institution depending on the extent of the work it does and the price is divided as follows  :

  • Business Starter service at $6 per month.

  • Business Standard service at $12 per month.

  • Business Plus service at $18 per month.

  •  Enterprise service, which is a financial value consistent with customer service

The bare minimum in these services provides you with a dedicated and secure email address to use, video meetings, cloud storage, and customer service support.

 It can be said that the Google Workspace service is only a development of the G Suite service, as it offers a set of tools and features for a price value with new additions.

 What are the features available in Workspace?

 Storage space

 When you rely on the first Business Starter plan, you get 30 GB space, while joining the rest of the other three plans, the storage space starts from 2 TB to 5 TB.

 video calls

 If you own an organization that contains many people you want to meet with, you must make group video calls, and this is what Workspace provides us with.

 When joining the first Business Starter plan, you get a maximum of 100 people to join the group video call, then the second plan increases the matter to 150 people, and the third plan increases to 250 users.

Also, keep in mind that the Standard Business Starter plan does not allow you to record the video call, while the rest of the plans allow it.

 Extra safety features

 In both the Business Plus plan and the last plan Enterprise because you will get tools dedicated to keeping data for users, searching and managing it professionally, giving control over how users access the features and data in the tool.

 search engines

 One of the additions that Google provides in Workspace is a professional search service called Google Cloud Search, which we can call smart search.

 This feature is available in all of these plans except for the Standard Business Starter 1 plan.

 The ability to create applications

 Workspace allows you to create a mobile app or website without coding, and you can only access this feature in the Enterprise plan


The difference between Workspace and Microsoft 365

 storage capacity

 The storage price in Microsoft 365 is up to 1 TB, while the first plan from Google comes with an area of ​​30 GB, and in case you want to get a huge space, you must subscribe to the highest plan to provide 5 TB space.

 mail space

 In the Microsoft 365 default plan at $5, you get a 50GB mailbox for email only, not including 1TB of basic storage.

 Whereas in the default plan from Google, you will get 30 GB including emails for $6.

 Email applications

 Through the two programs, you will be able to add the email you want to use, whether it is Gmail or Outlook, but Gmail is the best, fastest and simplest in the search process, and therefore it is better compatible with the Google tool.

 However, Gmail does not offer mail sorting or grouping, which is something many users routinely look for.

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