Advice on buying a used car and save 50% on its price

New car prices have reached record levels, with the average price of a new car exceeding $38,000 in the United States. But for car buyers on a budget, buying a used car can be an attractive alternative, because the customer can save about 23% compared to the purchase price of the new version of the same car. A person wishing to buy a 3-year-old used car can save about 38.2%, but if it is 5 years old, he can save up to 50%.
choose the right car for you? The open-ended question, "iseecars", has 17 tips in this regard. 1 - Determine your budget: Although cars are cheaper than new, but they represent a large cost. So you are expected to pay for the car. 2 - Beware of extras: Make sure your budget is about 10% larger than the advertiser, including taxes and fees. Advice on buying a used car and save 50% on its price 3 - Balance the financing options: If you are going to borrow, you should go to a bank or credit company to get pre-approved before visiting the agency. 4 - Assess your needs: Before you begin the buying process, determine your ownership needs to help secure the purchase of the desired vehicle
5 - Know the best time to buy: The best time to buy a used car is usually late in the year, specifically in November and December, when offers abound and the customer gets the best deal. 6 - Search the Internet: Search engines, especially on successful websites, make it easier than ever to find a suitable used car. 7 - Go to dealerships: If you are not sure what type of vehicle you are interested in, go to one or more local dealers to research different models before making your decision. 8 - Determine the seller: You have two options for buying a used car: either through an exclusive agent or directly from its owner. 9 - Not related to a specific car: It is important to provide yourself with several options when buying a used car. 10 - Find a reputable dealer

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